Meagan+Ari||Lifestyle Maternity

Shesh. These two girls are my fav. What better way to photograph them in their favorite place, Ma’s bed!
Every time I come over Ari is eating (definitely Meagan’s child), digging in Meagan’s jewelry box, turning the roomba on or jumping on the bed(with parental supervision OF COURSE!)! She’s so funny and so much fun!
I met Meagan on my photography journey a little over 2 years ago and swore I’d never work with her again. Haha, right?! Now we are inseparable and she is my go to gal! I always believe people are placed in each others paths for a reason and without sounding too sappy, well, I definitely needed her in mine! Best mom & best friend a girl could ask for. Now.. Come on baby Bailey! We are ready to spoil you too!