G e n e r a l  Q u e s t i o n s :

What are your prices?

-Visit my investment tab above. 

Do you travel for weddings?

-Of course! I absolutely love traveling to any destination wedding and would be thrilled to travel to you. Shoot me an email and we will chat about your venue and location! 

Will there be two photographers at my wedding?

-Absolutely! Any day is unpredictable. I never photograph a wedding alone and having a second shooter ensures that we are able to capture every little detail of your big day.

How long does it take to receive my edited images?

-Lifestyle, engagement and bridal sessions are 3-5 weeks.

-Weddings are 16-24 weeks.

How many images will I receive?

-Lifestyle, engagement and bridal sessions will receive anywhere between 40-100 images.
-On average I deliver 500-1000 images for full day of wedding coverage. This can and will fluctuate depending on the day’s events, but that is the goal.

Would you help me create a timeline for my wedding day?

-Most definitely!  A detailed form will be sent to you a month before your wedding date. I ask that you provide me with as much detail about your wedding day as possible. This will help me create a photography timeline to ensure I capture each special moment. 

Do I HAVE to do a first look?

-Majority of the modern brides are doing first looks and I haven’t met a bride who regretted it.  A first look is more intimate between a bride and groom. You are able to express your feelings and emotions privately as well as enjoy a moment together. PLUS you will get 40% more photographs between the two of you rather than if you hadn’t . It also ensures that you won’t keep your guest waiting after your ceremony. I strongly suggest a first look. 🙂

Do you edit all of my images?

-My style of editing is very clean, organic, and simple. No heavy editing or filters are applied to my images. Keeping them as true to you is my goal. My editing process includes adjusting skin tones, enhancing natural light and color and adjusting white balance all while keeping the image timeless. Remember I capture your day, not create it.

How do I book you?

-Visit my contact form,  fill the form out and submit. This ensure’s I will see your inquiry. If you are trying to book through social media pages I may not see them in time. Once I receive your email, I will send you a contract and we will start booking from there.

How do I secure my date?

-After contacting me through the contact form, you will be required to pay your retainer depending on what service you are needing. Dates are only reserved if the retainer is paid. No exceptions.

Is the full amount of the wedding collection due at the time of booking?

-No. I require the retainer to be paid up front. You can make payments at your convenience up until 30 days before your wedding date.  $350 is due at each pre-session if no payments have been made other than the retainer fee. The final amount is due 30 days before your wedding date. 

What form of payments do you accept?

-Cash or check unless purchasing prints through your online gallery.

Do you charge sales tax?

-I am required by the State of Louisiana to collect sales tax.

Am I required to purchase my prints through you?

No, but I do suggest ordering your prints through my lab to ensure quality. NBP is not responsible for the image quality when printing through an outside print lab.